Our Pioneers

Our Pioneers

The affairs of the Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council are administered by the Managing Committee through a governing body, elected for a period of 3 years. The day-to-day activities are conducted by the members and volunteers (Nishkam Sewadars). The Nishkam Sewadars comprise medical doctors, educationists, IT professionals, chartered accountants, self-employed professionals-businessmen and even serving/retired bureaucrats.

The staff hired by Nishkam like the receptionists, accountants and the other office helpers are paid by the Council.

The sole aim and objective of Nishkam is ‘welfare of poor and needy persons, students, orphans, widows and destitutes etc. irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Hence, serving the suffering humanity as per the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib in the true spirit of ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ (Welfare of All)’.

S. Kulvinder Singh

He is a very senior retired government officer and also one of the pioneers among 11 members. He played a key role in getting Nishkam registered for receiving donations from abroad in cash and in kind from 5 countries. He had been General Secretary for many years and has also served as President of Nishkam .He is one person among Nishkam Sewadars who knew in detail working of almost every project of Nishkam. His contribution in the Management of Nishkam and creating awareness using information technology is unmatched.

S. Narinderbir Singh

He is a retired Deputy General Manager from Punjab & Sind Bank as also one of the pioneers among 11 members. Only he has the honour of holding two positions consecutively i.e. President & Vice-President. He has the credit of getting land donated by S. Jugraj Singh Gill where MGSN stands today. He floated “GURMAT PARSAR SEWA SOCIETY” in which he is fully involved and as a result he now hardly finds any time for Nishkam, although he is still a founder member.

S. Prehlad Singh Kohli

One of the pioneers among 11 members of Nishkam. He had been VicePresident of Nishkam, India before migrating to Canada and now is one of the most active and very dedicated members in Canada apart from one of the founder members of Nishkam India.

S. Karamjit Singh Mann

(A very soft spoken and non-controversial person) not being one among the 11 pioneer members; but he has served as General Secretary of Nishkam, India for a number of years before migrating to Canada and is now an active member of Nishkam, Canada.

S. Harbhajan Singh (T.G.)

S. Harbhajan Singh (T.G.) is a Businessman by profession. One of the 11 pioneer members and first President of Nishkam and has served as President of Nishkam a number of times. His strength & courage exhibited during the initial years of establishment while dealing with police and other Govt. agencies is unforgettable. He is still active and takes pains for improving the working of Nishkam.

S. Jagdeep Singh

He is not only one among the 11 pioneer members, but has served as Treasurer of Nishskam since the demise of Late S. Surinderpal Singh Sethi and before he took over as treasurer, he had been a friend and close associate of S. Karamjit Singh. He too is a soft spoken and a gentle person. A very dedicated sewadar of Nishkam! He is employed as Sr. Accounts Officer with MTNL and now is in Canada with his son.

S. Narinder Singh

He has been President of Nishkam for one term. Of late, he has been consistently associated with the education of Sikligar children in Karnataka and U.P. He along with S. Lakhwinder Singh has been visiting different Sikligar bastis (settlements) in these two states for quite extended periods. These visits have highlighted some facts about Sikligar project and the outstanding performance of a number of children of Sikligar Sikh families.

S. Mohan Singh

He is one of the 11 pioneer members of Nishkam. He is a retired senior technical officer from Department of Civil Aviation-Govt. of India. He was 53 years old when he joined in Nov.1984. He has been a fund-raiser for Nishkam since its inception. At 88, he is still a fund-raiser for Nishkam from abroad. He has almost personal relationship with all the donors and volunteers in USA, CANADA and INDIA. He is the guiding force in Nishkam and has never taken up any office bearer ship. He commands hearty respect from one and all.