Contribute to Nishkam

Become a part of the Nishkam Family and be blessed!

It is amazing how much can be achieved with just a small contribution from you and a little help from us. Your contribution will make a real difference to the people who are suffering from lack of development, poverty, hunger, and poor health. It will provide textbooks, school supplies for the students, better health care services, small business/vocational training, and help build houses for the Sikligar Sikh families. Your efforts will bring life changing opportunities to the beneficiaries.

Sponsor a child

As a sponsor, you can provide for life-changing basic requirements of needy children - education, healthcare, better economic opportunities and help them live a dignified life. Since the focus is on a child’s spiritual, physical, social and economic development, the transformed child will inevitably change his/her environment.

Sponsor a family

Family sponsorship on the other hand, helps families and communities uplift themselves out of poverty by providing them vocational training, small loans for business ventures, food supplies etc. and builds self-sufficient communities of empowered individuals.

Every child/family sponsor receives annual progress reports and updated photographs of the children and the families. Sponsors can also visit and talk to their beneficiaries over the phone.

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